TimeBar (S60 5th) 1.70

Keep the time close at hand


  • Always visible
  • Highly customizable
  • Hourly voice or music alerts


  • Can get a bit intrusive


Time is so precious these days and for that reason it's important to have a handy way of managing it.

TimeBar is a useful utility that allows you to always have the time available to you no matter what you're doing on your phone. The app lets you find out the time from any program or game, bringing up a digital clock display over the screen you are on.

There are a whole host of options available to you in TimeBar to help you customize your time-telling experience. Besides being able to completely personalize the appearance and position of the clock, you can set up an hourly alarm. You can apply audio files to this alarm or even set it to speak the time.

The configuration of TimeBar can be a little fiddly, especially in terms of positioning the clock, which you have to do blindly by entering coordinates.

If you need to keep a constant check on the time, then TimeBar makes for a practical solution.



TimeBar (S60 5th) 1.70

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